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Earning an Endorsement


In Grade 12, Travis is taking Accounting II and has paid employment as an accounts receivable clerk at a small technology company. Based on the CTE courses Travis has completed, he is on track to earn an endorsement for Finance.

CTE Courses
CTE Course Name Career Cluster Units Advanced?
Principles of Business Marketing, and Finance Finance 1 No
Money Matters Finance 1 No
Principles of Information Technology IT 1 No
Accounting I Finance 1 No
Accounting II Finance 2 Yes


Industry-Recognized Certificates and Credentials

Examples of Industry-Recognized Certificates

The table below illustrates the types of certificates, credentials, and licensures available to students in CTE programs of study.

Examples of Industry-Recognized Certificates
Transportation STEM Health Sciences

Sales, Service, Parts POS

OSHA CareerSafe®

Automotive Parts Clerk


Loss Management Specialist

Mechanical Engineer POS

OSHA CareerSafe®

AutoCAD® Certified User

AutoCAD® Civil 3D

Revit Architecture

Nutritionist POS

OSHA CareerSafe®

Pre-Pac Food Science Fundamentals

Pre-Pac Nutrition, Food, & Wellness

Registered Dietetic Technician

Automotive Service POS

OSHA CareerSafe®

Alternate Fuels Technician

Automobile/Light Truck

Automotive Service Excellence

Environmental Engineer POS

OSHA CareerSafe®

NCCR Alternative Energy Level 1

Student Electronics Tech

Autodesk Inventor® Certified User


Heartsaver® CPR

Emergency Care Attendant


EMT-Licensed Paramedic

State Cert. NREMT


Myths and Facts About Student Licensures and Certifications

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