OpenStax Open-Education-Resource



The Texas Education Agency is pleased to announce the availability of state-developed, open-source instructional materials, which are provided to districts free of charge.

The materials in this resource were created by Rice University's OpenStax. They are organized into units and chapters and can be used like a traditional textbook as the entire syllabus for each course. Individual lessons and units can also be accessed for supplemental use. Request teacher materials and other ancillaries for OpenStax products by emailing from your school email address.

To view the OpenStax open-education-resource instructional materials, click on the subject area icon below.

This open-education-resource instructional material by TEA is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International Public License in accordance with Chapter 31 of the Texas Education Code.

For more information about open-education-resource materials available through TEA, please visit Open-Source Instructional Materials.

TEA AP Biology




TEA AP Macroeconomics




TEA AP Microeconomics




TEA Physics

TEA AP Physics 1: Algebra-Based




TEA AP Physics 2: Algebra-Based




TEA Statistics