Lesson Introduction

Training Site Criteria

Selecting appropriate training sites for students requires sound judgment and professional decision-making skills. Key to this assignment is finding quality occupational training sites within the local community and then determining the willingness of businesses and organizations to partner with your school to develop a quality workforce.

Use the following items as criteria for selecting an appropriate training site:

  • Safe working conditions that meet Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards
  • Reputation for ethical business practices
  • Positive attitude of the training sponsor and other employees toward WBL and WBL students
  • Supportive of school policies, training schedules, etc.
  • Adequate supervision by an experienced, skillful employee
  • Suitable accommodations and work experiences for students with special needs (NOTE: Section 10 of this course contains specific instructional strategies and resources for working with special populations.)

Training Sponsor Criteria


Finding the right training sponsor is as important as finding the right site. Look for training sponsors who have the capacity and willingness to provide high quality, work-based instruction, and training experiences in a safe, positive work environment. During the selection process, be sure to ask prospective employers about standard hiring policies and whether there are any written policies and procedures. In addition, look for a sponsor who is willing to

  • work with the teacher-coordinator to develop the training plan for each student;
    provide student training for the number of hours scheduled as necessary to meet course requirements;
  • cooperate with the school regarding attendance policies;
  • encourage each student to develop knowledge, skills, attitudes, performance standards, and habits necessary to succeed in the approved program area;
  • recognize and implement sound training practices, such as timely rotation of students for breadth of training opportunities; and
  • contact the teacher-coordinator when a problem arises with the student learner.​

Questions to Keep in Mind

In addition to ensuring that a training site meets the criteria listed on the previous screen, it is important to keep the following questions in mind when identifying an appropriate training site.

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