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Potential Resources for Finding Appropriate Training Sites

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Making Initial Contact with Prospective Training Sponsors

Personal Contact

Prior to the start of the school year and during the first two weeks of school, you may spend much of your time contacting businesses. Although an email or a phone call is acceptable, experienced teachers recommend making personal visits to prospective employers who meet the criteria and show a high level of interest in your program.

On personal visits, provide the owner/manager with information about the program and leave behind an employer recruitment flyer and your business card. Let the person know when to expect a follow-up visit or phone call from you.


Good Follow-Up

Maintaining an organized system of receiving and returning telephone calls and e-mails from prospective employers is essential. Sections 8 and 9 of this course provide more tips on developing systems and staying organized.

Student Hiring and Placement

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Lesson Review

Lesson Conclusion